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Manufacture of Guardrail Metal Material Parts

Our company(Rcsquare) supply and manufacture metal materials (pillar, brackets, back board, etc.) which supports the PVC guardrails of KARIS Co., Ltd.
and monopolize and supply important items which make up about 50% of all components of KARIS Co., Ltd.

The materials of our company(Rcsquare) are customized for customers with 3D modeling 'complex rapid design'
and cost reduction is possible by simplifying mold modularization

  • Performance status
  • Guardrail for Hwaseong City Coastal Road Installation
  • Guardrail for Pocheon City Racing Stadium Installation
  • Guardrail for Jeju Monolith Installation
  • Guardrail for Demonstration Oversea Installation
    (Egypt, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan)
  • Soundproofed wall for Jinju section of Namhae Expressway
  • Dongchun Soundproofed Tunnel in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon