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We will become the first company to challenge and lead a new corporate culture.


Simplicity is
the key to Excellence

탁월함의 핵심은 간결함에 있다

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We are a well-informed and well-informed company in the field of land-based metal construction plant manufacturing platform and smart city intelligent road safety equipment manufacturing through the technology of possessing core human resources and continuous research and development.
Because all executives and employees are committed to the concept of RHY™(Rank High parts waY) industry and perform Value Proposition Canvas(Value Proposition Canvas).
They have the productivity (CAPA.) to understand the customer’s real points of view and benefits to make the system they want work for them.
Therefore, we will share our vision and mission with our customers in the field of land metal frame plant manufacturing platform and intelligent road safety facilities in Smart City.
Please give us lots of attention and support for the strong challenge.
Thank you.

RCSQUARE Co., Ltd CEO/Doctor of Engineering Sung Wook Choi