About us

We will become the first company to challenge and lead a new corporate culture.


Management Vision

RCSQUARE is acompany specializing in steel structure for road safety
We build convergent platforms by developing IoT technologies based on edge computing
to promote the safety of drivers and optimal road management in smart cities.

Management Philosophy & Management Policy

mission 이미지

首尾相觀'업의 개념'

Mission (존재이유)

Set RHY™ (Rank High parts waY) as the answer to the question
"what is the reason for doing this business?"

수미상관[首尾相關] [枝] Communicate with accurate perception for validity(High)
“Isn't it beautiful when you hit the target high and high to get a round of applause?"

mission 이미지

首尾一貴'업의 본질'

Value (가치)

FORM FROM FACT™, the fundamental value that does not change over time

수미일관[首尾一貫] [連] Ascertain with precise information exploration for reliablility(Rank)
"Isn't it beautiful because it's only yesterday when you're right and left?”

mission 이미지

首尾完備'업의 특성'

Tool (도구)

Properties that change according to timely
and environmental conditions found in EDGE™ system

수미완비[首尾完備] [理] Systemize with process and quality assurance for compatibility(Parts)
"Isn't it beautiful to be balanced only when the two sides are aligned?“

PREP™ RHY™ Propose Example Reason Point
High (Why, Ask, 負)
Precise problem recognition
Communication Ground Creation (Where, Given, 澤)
Ensuring high validity
Rank (When, Seek, 時)
Accurate information search
Steadiness Evidence confirmation (What, Find, 業)
Ensuring high reliability
Parts (How, Knock, 道)
Process and quality management
Systemization Proof Completion (Who, Opend, 人)
Obtain compatibility rate